2020年01月14日 14:15 新浪教育综合
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  不论是在口语交流时,还是在书面写作中,连接词 “linkers” 无处不在。掌握连接词的用法可以帮你在写作和交流时更好地组织语言,并使行文或表达更流畅、逻辑联系更紧密。常见的连接词有 “simultaneously、similarly、meanwhile、essentially、as a matter of fact”。在这些词语中,哪些可以用来说明事情发生的时间和持续的时长相同?哪些可以在句子中起到强调特定信息的作用?哪个词可用来比较不同事物之间的共同点?做八道题,测一测你对英语中连接词的理解程度。

  1. _______ he wasn’t interested in computer science, but then changed his mind when he studied it at school.

  a) Simultaneously

  b) Similarly

  c) Initially

  d) Inevitably

  2. The two football matches were shown _______ on two screens.

  a) simultaneously

  b) essentially

  c) similarly

  d) meanwhile

  3. Although she played a few live shows, _______ she was a film music composer.

  a) similarly

  b) meanwhile

  c) inevitably

  d) essentially

  4. Some say when a country’s economy is failing, this _______ leads to a rise in crime rates.

  a) simultaneously

  b) inevitably

  c) meanwhile

  d) initially

  5. The cost of living in a small town is much cheaper than a big city, but wages are _______ lower.

  a) initially

  b) meanwhile

  c) afterwards

  d) correspondingly

  6. The high school students were _______ dressed in their uniforms.

  a) similarly

  b) meanwhile

  c) initially

  d) afterwards

  7. A: Have you seen Carlos lately?

  B: _______ I had lunch with him yesterday.

  a) Correspondingly

  b) As a matter of fact

  c) Simultaneously

  d) Inevitably

  8. Bo is starting a new job with an accountancy firm next month. _______ she is having a holiday in Dubai.

  a) As a matter of fact

  b) Essentially

  c) Correspondingly

  d) Meanwhile


  1) c, 2) a, 3) d, 4) b, 5) d, 6) a, 7) b, 8) d.